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As a garage door dealer, we're sure you've seen just about everything (and would have some great stories to share)!

But if you haven't seen the all-Brace, you may have a few questions.
Below, we've provided answers to some frequently ask questions. Please read them!
We also ask that you watch our videos and read through the website for more information. 

If you want to test out the all-Brace, please order a Free Sample. If you're ready to order, we'd love that too!

What does TG in the name stand for?

Tongue and groove version, the ship lap or SL-5 and SL-7 versions are on the way soon!

Where was the all-Brace developed?

In the busy Central Florida garage door market by a long-standing garage door business owner with over 25 years in the industry.

Why should I fix a door vs replace it?

Repairing makes money for you and saves money for you customer. It truly is a win-win situation.

Is the all-Brace only used for permanent repairs?

While it is designed and intended to repair the damaged location permanently, dealers may use them to keep a door working indefinitely until the customers new door can be installed.

Was animal testing involved in bringing these to market?

Yes, and they were 'thoroughly' confused. Just kidding. We like to have fun too!

Do customers complain about the price?

No. Customers are continually amazed that their door can be fixed. They have been incredibly happy with 1.) the overall savings of not needing to pay for a new door and 2.) not having to wait until their new door is installed.

Can I use the all-Brace to keep a customer’s old door working until their new door arrives?

Yes, we also do this all the time!

Do I need to adjust the spring size like I would if I tried to use a strut?

No! The all-brace adds virtually no weight to the door no matter how many you use.

Can I cut the all-brace down to a shorter size?

No! They are specifically designed to address the damage conditions we have stated them to be used for and should NEVER be shortened!

Has the all-brace been ballistically tested?

Great question! No, not yet but oh boy are we itching to do it! We might video that for you if we do!

Will this work in a commercial doors?

Yes. In fact, your commercial customers are going to absolutely love you for offering these. Especially considering how frugal commercial customers can be when they get news of their bad forklift drivers who 'had a little incident'.

Did you really cut a door straight through its rails top to bottom and it still operate like nothing happened to it?

Yes, yes we did. And it was awesome. It's why the all-Brace is so great for your customers!

Can I cut 'my' customer's door in half and do the same thing?

Yes, yes you can. Boy will they be pissed though. *We do not endorse or recommend you cutting customer's doors in half, even if the all-Brace will repair it.

Is there a limit to how many all-Braces you can use on one door.

Nope. Once our customers understood what the all-Brace could do, some of them have said fix it no matter what, I don’t want a new door! We said ok. We have basically shot-gunned them on the back of doors until they were fixed. Customer was thrilled!

What is the actual track record of all-Brace?

We have been using them in our market for some time now and it is a permanent fix. We ourselves have honestly been surprised at how well they work. I guess you could say we've put them where the damage is and it’s “done and done.”

Does the all-Brace replace the dog as man’s best friend?

No!... well, a dog can’t fix a door like these things can...but no. No! The dog shall aways be man’s best friend! But these little fellas may run close behind, depends on who you ask and when.

Can this fit behind and underneath the vertical stile of a garage door?

Yes, on most garage doors.

Why did you name it all-Brace?

Because it adds strength where it’s needed to all tongue and groove panel rails, and the name "yeet-bar" although marvelous, just did not win in the end.

Do you think my ex would like the all-Brace?

No, your ex will hate it! 

If aluminum could choose to be anything it wanted to be...

Aluminum would choose to be all-Brace! It would be absolutely honored to be an all-Brace!

Is the all-Brace made in the USA?

Yes, Absolutely! Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. 

Is the all brace just patented in the U.S.A.?

No! There are patents filed all over the world. all-Brace is a global thing!

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